new_releases  Congress program

The program ( for the 2nd International Historic Congress is now available.

The International Congress - Cities through History is an occasion for dialogue and meeting of common cultural roots,through the deepening of the history of the cities in the long term.

In this 2nd edition, the aim is for the Congress to maintain its starting point identity, addressing the evolution of cities in different historical and geographical contexts, from the Ancient City to the City of the Present, on the way to the Future, with a special focus on the cities of the Mediterranean world.

The congress will be divided into five main thematic areas; the city in the ancient world, in medieval times, modern, industrial and, finally, the city of the current era. Each of these areas will have a plenary session structured around two speakers, one Portuguese and one from outside Portugal, and a series of parallel sessions to present spontaneous results on the respective themes. The works will end with a round table on the Future City.

date_range  Congress calendar

DEC, 2016 Distribution of the first circular letter of the Congress.
3 FEV, 2017 Deadline for submission of communication proposals to those responsible for the thematic areas.
MAR, 2017 Sending of the second circular letter of the Congress, with the list of provisional titles of the works accepted in each thematic area.
16 SEP, 2017 Deadline for receipt of communications.
8 OCT, 2017 Deadline for registration and payment.
18 to 20 OCT, 2017 Congress in Guimarães.